What is the project process?

1. Initial Contact
At the time of the initial phone or email query, general information about the project will be gathered and an appointment made for a consultation meeting.

2. During the Design Consultation
A visit to the customers home to meet and establish relations with the client, to be given a detailed brief and to have a first-hand chance to walk through the home.

This provides me with a general feel for how best a client brief might be met. An innovative design solution starts from identifying the best layout and use of new and existing space, working around obstacles, working around issues like poor orientation to deliver the best outcome. Using creative, innovative thinking combined with many years of design experience, I will advise on an optimal solution for you.

3. After the Design Consultation
Detailed fixed price quote will be prepared awaiting client questions and or approval.

4. Project initiation – Measurement Survey
Once the quote is accepted, an appointment will be made to visit the property and collect the necessary data on site (measurement survey) for the project. After the survey, a survey plan (base) is produced and then followed with design solution options.

5. Option Exploration
In this phase, the client will provide feedback on the various design solutions options.

6. Finalising the design plan
After a design solution is reached, if it is a planning permission project, submission pack will be prepared and sent to the local council for the planning process.