A Pre-Purchase House Survey, sometimes called a ‘Structural Survey’ or ‘Building Survey’, is a thorough internal and external inspection of a property to determine its condition.

We provide detailed, accurate building survey services to include building surveys for second-hand properties, snag lists for new properties, and a variety of special reports for all other such requirements for all residential properties and small commercial properties (Member of the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland. membership number B1085). With over 25 years of experience in surveying and project management, Jeremy has broad expertise in identifying all the issues in a building.

Some FAQs:

1. What do you cover in the pre-purchase survey?

As standard in all our building surveys, a thorough visual inspection of the building, its services, and the grounds, we will describe its construction material used or type.

Open any accessible manhole, access junctions and make observations.

Turn on the heating system in normal operation and radiator observation, electric socket tester plug in socket points, smoke detector observations, moisture reading on internal walls.

Observe the normal operation of taps, shower, toilet, mechanical extraction fan, etc in bathroom/ensuites.

All planinng and building regulation statutory requirements.

For building survey in an apartment building, we also make observations on various common fire safety items such as fire door, self closer, smoke alarm sensor etc

General observations of the common lobby area, foyers / letter box location, lifts, carparking spaces etc.

Our report is written in a way that we are walking you through what we have observed under each headings.

2. Ariel Photograph survey

If an Ariel photography is needed to take a closer look at specific area, we can also provide this service (at an extra cost). You can request this or we will advise if we feel that it would be of benefit to the survey in advance.

Normally this would be carried out on the same day as the survey subject to weather permitted on the day and no flight zone restriction.

3. How soon can a pre purchase survey be undertaken once a booking is made? 

Normally, we require some advance notice to carry out the survey, please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.  We always do our best to call out to the property as soon as we can.

4.  How long does it take to complete the pre-purchase survey report?

We have an excellent track record of delivering our report to our client within 1 day after the survey visit. We haven’t miss this deadline once.
Most of the time, report will arrive in your email inbox on the same day, sometimes may arrive late in the evening.

5. Do you provide approximate costing on repair work to the property I am purchasing?

This is standard in our report, we provide a seperate itemised cost estimates report to give you a ball park figure.

We can also recommend some trustworthy professionals we worked with over the years for remedial work or specialist you may need a contact number for.

6. We are considering extending or remodeling the property when we purchase it. Can you provide advice on the feasibility of extending the property?

The other part of the business is architectural design and would provide some advice outside of the building report.

Email or Give us a call today for a quote and a sample report.

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