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Building Surveys

The benefits of BuildingSurveys Reports are twofold:

  1. The purchaser is aware of the property’s condition prior to purchasing it.
  2. The report can be used in negotiating a purchase price for the property.

What you will get from my report are professional advice and thorough observations. I will also give you a cost analysis estimates on repairs that should be attended to over time and general advisory on statutory matters.  I have many happy as well as returning customers.

Defect Analysis

A Defect Analysis is the investigation of a specific defect or problem within a property. Defect reports will identify the nature and extent of particular problems, will establish the cause and recommend an appropriate course of remedial actions to eliminate a re-occurrence of the problem. Typical Defects include damp penetration, condensation problems, structural movement and poor workmanship.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes may occur if adjoining property owners cannot locate the true position of a boundary or where rights of ways have been obstructed or in the case if boundaries are damaged. The key to resolving a dispute speedily and successfully is to employ an expert as soon as possible. 

Property Loss Assessing

Whether your property has suffered as a result of flood, fire or burst pipe damage.  We can provide a professional service to assist you in the reinstatement of your loss. The following is a list of services which we provide:

  1. Carry out inspection of property to assess the extent of insured damage.
  2. Prepare a report and costings on reinstatement works required to the property.
  3. Supervise reinstate works to the property on your behalf.

Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments

We can assess your property stock and provide you with a reinstatement value for each property. This is the value at which the property should be insured for. At least in the unfortunate event of your property suffering part or complete damage, you can rest assured that the property is adequately insured.

Planning Searches

The purpose of the Planning Search is to provide a full planning history of the property. We recommend planning searches when purchasing a property.

Planning Searches involve a detailed examination of all previous planning applications to ensure that there are no unauthorised developments. It also involves the inspection of relevant and current planning applications in the immediate surrounding area and advises on any proposed applications, which may have an adverse affect on the property. Confirmation from Building Control is also sought to ensure that there are no Enforcement Notices or Purchase Orders served on the property

Land Mapping

We undertake mapping suitable for Land Registry purposes for one-off sites and for larger plots of lands (farms and commercial sites) to facilitate property transfers. We also prepare Declarations of Identity and Multi-Storey scheme maps.

Pre-Development Condition Surveys and Building Disputes

Pre-Development Condition Surveys are prepared for owners of a property adjacent to a development or for the developer who intends to carry out works adjacent to existing buildings. This survey details the existing condition of any building or structure prior to work commencing on the adjacent building or site. The preparation of a schedule of condition report protects both parties as it confirms the existing condition of a property by text and photographs. The report will record the location, type and extent of any existing defects so that comparisons can be made following completion of the works.

Pre-Lease Acquisition Survey

The purpose of a Pre-Lease Acquisition Survey is to provide tenants who are entering into a Leasehold arrangement with a landlord with an overall picture of the current condition of the building, it also outlines all areas of repair and maintenance, which are likely to arise during the term of the Lease.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes / Schedule of Dilapidations

Landlords and tenants disputes are common place and often relate to the state of repair of leasehold premises. Repairs in this context are usually referred to as ‘dilapidations’.

We provide advice to Landlords of commercial buildings in respect of repair issues both during the currency of leases and the end in order to maintain asset value. At the end of a lease we can advise on any disrepair issues and prepare terminal schedules of dilapidations, monitor any repairs or negotiate settlements between landlord and tenant disputes. We also act for tenants in settling dilapidations, where required supervising repairs, ensuring that the tenant does not inherit unnecessary liability for repair.

A Schedule of Condition is prepared for Tenants at the start of the tenancy to ensure that a record of the condition of the property is noted. A Schedule of Condition involves an inspection of the property to identify existing defects in the building. These details are recorded in writing and supported by photographs. The purpose of a Schedule of Condition is to protect the Tenant who is required to return the building to the Landlord in the same condition as when they entered the lease from future dilapidation claims.

Certificate of Compliance

We provide a wide range of certificates of compliance.

These Certificates are presented in a standard format which include

  1. Certificate of compliance with Planning Permission
  2. Certificate of compliance with Building Regulations
  3. Certificate of Exemption from Planning and Building regulations.